Exploring Japan

When I graduated my graphic design study in 2015 I was planning a trip to the United States. It seemed like a cool plan to travel around a bit on my own and discover all the US had to offer. However, a friend of mine persuaded me to go with him to Japan. Asia as a continent didn't really attract me at the time and I thought it wouldn't be for me. He persuaded me to go with him, because then I would have been at least once and I could always go to the United States after that. So it happened.

I have since fallen in love with Japan and what it has to offer. From the largest city in the world that still feels cozy and has something new to offer around every corner to the wonderful onsen hot springs and traditional buildings in Odawara and everything in between. Since 2015 I have been back twice to further explore Japan and from that this book was born. It is a compilation of photos I took between 2015 and 2019.

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