The Heavy Loads of Our World

Gigantic containerships enter port every day.
You would not directly associate these ships with our consumption behaviour.
The harbor is the only place where all the stuff we buy comes together one more time before it gets send off to the hinterland. Ships and containers are an expression of globalization. They are the reason behind your cheap T-shirt and reasonably priced TV. Ironically, the camera I work with also comes from this mass economy. But who looks behind the TV and sees the ship that brought it? How ironic that the more ships have grown in size and consequence, the less space they take up in our imagination.

Nine private companies on earth dictate how our economy is shaped, and there is a big chance you haven’t heard of them. Everyone is concerned about working conditions, so we want to buy ethically responsible product. But how responsible are they if they are still being shipped on giant ships with crews that are being underpaid dramatically? Are economies of scale actually achievable with these gigantic containerships?

The Heavy Loads of Our World consists of a series of photographs and a video in which I try to expose an invisible industry, theiy way of shaping the global economy and their size as well as reflect on our own consumption behaviours.

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